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NFA Gun Trusts

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NFA Gun Trusts

Let Sweeney & Sweeney, PC, assist you with the drafting and execution of your National Fire Arms (NFA) Gun Trust. For a very reasonable price our attorneys will consult with you, draft and notarize your Trust.

What are the benefits of having a NFA Gun Trust?

A Trust allows for more than one party to act as Trustee. All Trustees legally can possess and use any of the assets of the Trust, including, but not limited to all Title II regulated firearms, devices or munitions without the express consent of your local chief enforcement officer.

A Trust is an excellent estate planning tool, allowing you to pass trust assets to your loved ones without them having to go through the Probate process. All Trust assets are immediately available to the subsequent beneficiaries after the Makers death…thus saving months or years of Probate and potentially thousands of dollars in legal fees.

Gun Trusts are very typically faster processed by the BATFE!

When purchasing Title II firearms, munitions or devices through an approved Gun Trust you will not be required to provide finger prints or any photographs. This can be a huge cost savings to you.